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Design Thinking for the Future of Urban Regions

Future Urban Regions

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320 pages, 16 x 24 cm
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ISBN 978 94 92095 33 6

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Research by design is a crucial tool for architects and urban planners for the great transition issues: resilient infrastructure, renewable energy, material cycle, vital economy, healthy living, sociocultural connectivity.

The great challenges of the future are to be found in cities, or urban regions. We are faced with problems such as global warming, social inequality, worldwide migration and a scarcity of raw materials. Cities and city makers play an important role in tackling these issues, in coming up with broad, integral approaches to healthy cities. In Urban Problems, Resilient Solutions, urban designers and researchers address the great transition issues of the future and present new models and ideas for how a healthy, future-proof urban development may be realized.

Research by design is a crucial tool for analysing the tasks ahead, for exploring and imagining new possibilities, and for bringing together stakeholders. In this book, this approach is based on three questions: What is urban health? Who, or what parties, do we need to bring about a healthy urbanity? And how does research by design work? The scope of the subject is illustrated with over fifty case studies from all over the world. Together they provide a toolkit for those who are interested in implementing research by design in their own practice.

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